Picture A Day

This is a project I did where I tried to take a picture every day for a year. Just a picture of something from that day. I didn't try to make a journal of everything that happened to me, but to take a picture every day of something in my life. I hoped it will help me see the world a little differently.

Now that it's done, what did I learn?

I learned the value of a good camera. Most of these pictures were taken with a pretty crumby one. It had no (optical) zoom and I very often needed to zoom to frame the image I wanted. So I had to crop in on a lot of images and that emphasizes the CCD noise. You lose a lot of quality like that.

I don't like to use a flash. It rarely lights things well but many interior shots simply don't have enough light without one. For lots of my shots I took one with and one without the flash but often chose the non-flash one even though it was a little blurry because I liked the look of the image better.

It was hard to remember to take one every day because even though it was a daily event it would be at a different time every day so I couldn't really establish a routine. That's why I missed so many days.

The biggest thing I learned, though, is that there are interesting and unusual things all around you to take pictures of. But not necessarily often enough to get them every day. And sometimes they come and go so quickly you can't get a camera out and shoot it before it's gone. I'll leave you with a story of just such a miss. It was the best shot I didn't take.

I was driving in to work one morning. It was still dark out. As I pulled up to a stop light I saw a man casually rollerblading his way around the darkness of predawn downtown Detroit, lighting his way with two flashlights dangling from the brim of the huge sombrero he was wearing. He was gone before I could get the camera out and it probably would have been too dark to photograph anyway, but I wish I could have gotten a picture of that.

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