Picture A Day - October 2006

Bob, Libby, and Jacob on the couch


Movie night at the Paletz's. They provided dinner. We brought Run, Lola, Run.

Jacob and Marlee lying side by side


Marlee was born the same day as Jacob. She's five hours older. Her mom is a friend of Libby's from way back in youth group.

Libby, and Jacob smiling at each other


We went to a nature walk today that would have made a great picture, but I forgot the camera. Still getting used to this project.

Self portrait of me and Jacob


Libby had something to go to tonight, so it was just me and Jacob.

A bunch of guys sitting around a conference table


This is our biweekly Paranoia game at work. Paranoia is a fun, goofy role-playing game.

Our couch


With these two new back cushions, the couch that we built is officially finished.

The boy in the Bjorn


Here I am taking Jacob and the dog for a walk.

Casey gated in the kitchen


It's been rainy lately and when the dog's feet are muddy he's stuck in the kitchen until he dries out.

Family and friends at the game


Tailgating with my parents and some good friends.

D&D character sheet


Some friends came over and we leveled up our characters.

Jacob asleep on Libby


I used to often come home to these two asleep like this but he doesn't seem to do it much anymore. I was glad to catch it in a picture.

HD programming on the TV


Ooo, high def TV...

My two favorite people in a restaurant


We did some shopping and ate out on the way there.

Traffic backed up onto the on ramp


Lovely commute home. The traffic was backed all the way up on to the on ramp.

Brocus running on my computer


Added a big, misty forest to Brocus.

Very rainy step show


It was a wet, cold, windy day for a game (here's the marching band warming up).

Costumed kids downtown


A Halloween event downtown for kids.

Smiling Libby and frowning Jacob


Jacob looks a little unsure about his visit to cubicle land. Good instincts, son!

Little kids in costumes atr our door


Trick or treat!

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