Software - JSON Parser

JSON is a way of representing data, somewhat parallel to XML. It's used in a lot of AJAXy "web 2.0" applications as a way of exchanging data between client and server. It seems well suited to representing data structures, unlike XML, which is more geared toward large documents.

Anyway, I learned about it one morning and was impressed with its simplicity. I though, "Wow, it would be really easy to write a parser for this." So I did. I haven't had any practical use for it yet so it hasn't been tested in the field. It was really just an interesting programming exercise for me.

I built this with MinGW under windows, so it should work fine on UNIX variants as well. The code here builds a little test app, but it shouldn't be hard to add it in to your app.

Download the parser code.

Read the (somewhat spotty) documentation.