Square Gear Productions


Welcome to Square Gear Productions, Matthew Welch's website and the home of I Shot the Serif Free Fonts. Take a look at my fonts, my football ratings, and other subjects of interest to me and enjoy!

Football RatingsFootball Ratings
I have developed a computer rating system for college football. This is where I post all my latest results.

I Shot the SerifI Shot the Serif
Here you can view and download all the free fonts I've made.

Here is some synthy music I have made.

This is a system for identifying locations with a code or a phrase.

Gimp TipsGimp Tips
These are some tips, tricks, and techniques I've figured out using the graphics program Gimp.

This is a random conlang generator that I wrote.

This is a lunisolar calendar that I invented.

Here you will find some software I've written.